A Statement From
Dr. Iliya Shtirkov,
Ocean Technologies Department
Institute of Oceanology
Bulgarian Academy of Science

It gives me great pleasure to endorse the CROWD ENERGY ocean energy turbine concept.
I have known the founder of CROWD ENERGY for over 25 years. His subsea engineering group have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to successfully design, build, implement, and operate large-scale subsea projects.
I am convinced that the CROWD ENERGY ocean turbine is a technologically viable project.
Crowd Energy has solved a problem that other ocean current turbines have not been able to address; specifically, utilizing the hydrodynamic power density of significant ocean currents efficiently.
From an engineering standpoint, a slow rotation/high torque turbine is much better for the marine environment.
Powerful ocean currents like the Gulf Stream and the Kuroshio are reliable and provide a constant source of clean renewable energy with minimal impact on the environment.
CROWD ENERGY is the right group to make this project happen based on their expertise and decades of experience.
I am personally excited to see their project come closer to realization. Of course some scale models and tests may require additional engineering improvement, but the idea is so interesting and promising.
It is clear that this dynamic subsea engineering group are dedicated to reducing the negative impact of fossil fuels on the environment and the success of their project will give benefits to the mankind.