Crowd Energy Update!

We are getting bigger! CrowdEnergy Update!

We are gearing up for our upcoming relaunch on Indiegogo. Crowd Energy has been joined by a number of very talented volunteers and supporters for the relaunch. We are now working with the team from Branding Ventures to get our PR in order and also a professional animator who […]

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Ocean Energy Turbine – #Indiegogo Video

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Ocean Energy – Road to Indiegogo

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Ocean Turbine Testing

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Ocean Energy Turbine Testing

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Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo with Todd Janca of Crowd Energy Meeting with The Solutions Project and other guest that attended the race at Daytona has opened a lot of door for our Ocean Energy Turbine project. Meeting Mark Ruffalo was a true pleasure. Mark is a great guy and I really admire his efforts to bring awareness to […]
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Leilani Munter

On Feb 15 Crowd Energy was invited to meet with The Solutions Project at Daytona and watch Leilani Munter race her 100% Renewable Energy themed race car. It was an amazing event attended by a diverse group of experts in the field of Renewable Energy.
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Murray, Itzkowitz, Ph.D – Ocean Energy

Murray, Itzkowitz, Ph.D


“It is impossible to deny the fact that there is a significant need for clean renewable energy” I have personally known the founders of Crowd Energy (Todd and Phillip Janca) since the late 1970s. There can be no doubt about their dedication to developing clean renewable energy technology. They have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to employ […]
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Ocean Energy Press Release Launches Climate Change Solution using Ocean Renewable Energy and Crowdfunding.

Crowd Energy wants your homes, vehicles, and factories to be powered by Clean Renewable Ocean Energy. In a world suffering from an addiction to Polluting Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power, Crowd Energy offers a Clean Sustainable Solution.

Crowd Energy in a move to further develop this […]

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Ocean Energy Video

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