Limitless Renewable Ocean Energy

Why Deep Ocean Currents?

When most people think of clean renewable energy, they think about solar panels first and wind turbines second. This is because wind and solar are the most easily accessible forms of renewable energy, so as a result they are the most common. Wind and solar energy have a number of applications where they excel but they are not a realistic solution to replacing Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Energy because they do not meet the criteria.

Can we actually replace Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Energy?

To replace Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy, a renewable energy source must meet four basic criteria.

1. Near limitless supply of energy –

Energy that will not run out in the next 1000 years and come from a source that has existed for the last 1000 years.

2. A constant even supply of energy –

No periods of non-production , no spikes in production, no movement in energy location.

3. High energy density –

Energy can be collected at one location with realistic commitment of technology and resources.

4. Survivability –

Energy supply and collection is not disrupted by storms, natural disaster, war, etc.

Deep Ocean Current Energy is the only form of renewable non-polluting energy that meets all of these requirements and it is the only energy source with the potential to replace Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Energy.

Where does all of this energy come from?

Most people know the ocean is constantly moving, but not everyone knows how much it moves.
Please take a moment to watch this video of Global Ocean Currents from NASA to better understand the potential energy of the global oceans. You will notice that the Gulf Stream Ocean Current off the coast of North America has the energy density required to power most of North America. “Love NASA…”

Dont we already have Hydropower from dams?

If you add up all the rivers that flow to the Atlantic Ocean you get 0.6 Million cubic meters per second of potential Hydropower in the US. The Gulf Stream by comparison reaches 150 Million cubic meters per second of potential Hydropower from its deep ocean currents. Now take into consideration that the flow of the Gulf Stream is a small fraction of the global Deep Ocean Currents.

The truth is, there is more power in Deep Ocean Currents than we as humans could ever use, and this is a clean, non-polluting, eternal, renewable energy. It is time for us to make use of this limitless energy and end our dependence on Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy. We have the technology and we have the experience to make this a reality, but we need your help to make it happen. ” Seriously…”

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