Marine Current Power

Marine Current Power

Marine Current Power

Marine Current Power – Energy from the Ocean

Clean Ocean Energy with Marine Current Power

Marine Current Power – Marine current power is a form of marine energy obtained from harnessing of the kinetic energy of marine currents, such as the Gulf stream. Although not widely used at present, marine current power has an important potential for future electricity generation. Marine currents are more predictable than wind and solar power.

Marine Current Power – Marine currents are caused mainly by the rise and fall of the tides resulting from the gravitational interactions between earth, moon, and sun, causing the whole sea to ?ow. Other effects such as regional differences in temperature and salinity and the Coriolis effect due to the rotation of the earth are also major influences.

Marine Current Power – A 2006 report from United States Department of the Interior estimates that capturing just 1/1,000th of the available energy from the Gulf Stream, which has 21,000 times more energy than Niagara Falls in a flow of water that is 50 times the total flow of all the world’s freshwater rivers, would supply Florida with 35% of its electrical needs.

Marine Current Power – The kinetic energy of marine currents can be converted in much the same way that a wind turbine extracts energy from the wind, using various types of open-?ow rotors. The potential of electric power generation from marine tidal currents is enormous. There are several factors that make electricity generation from marine currents very appealing when compared to other renewables:

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